Service Faqs

Service FAQs

Correct Fuel volume and atomization occur after Fuel Injectors recieve Ultrasonic cleaning and flow testing. Proper atomization of fuel allows for complete and even burning with maximum power and performance with refurbished fuel injectors.

photo: Bosch


What kind of injectors do we service?

       We service most gasoline fuel injectors including all:

                                – Top Feed

                                – Side Feed and

                                – Throttle Body

       For: Automotive, Truck, Marine, Outboard, Motorcycle, and ATV engines.



Currently we do not service (yet!):

                                – Diesel Injectors

                                – GM’s Vortec CPI Spider Assemblies

                                – GM’s CSFI Spider Assemblies

                                – GDI (Gasoline Direct Injection)

                                – Evinrude Ficht Direct Injection

                                – CIS Mechanical Injectors (These CIS injectors should just be replaced with new)        



Do all types of injectors cost the same to service?

       Yes, it is the same price for top feed, side feed, or throttle body injectors.




No charge for defective / bad injectors???!!! 

       We do not charge a service fee for injectors that are not serviceable!  If you have one injector in your set that does not respond to servicing, we will send it back with the rest of the set.  If you have a single injector cleaned and flow tested that fails and is defective, we will ship it back to you at your request, all you pay is for return shipping.



Free 3 day USPS priority shipping  to the USA in the price of any order $80 or more.




Turn Around Time?

       Our turn around time is usually 24 to 48 hours upon receiving the injectors.  We can handle a large volume of injectors with our 4 ultrasonic cleaning tanks and two computerized flow testing machines.


       If you need your injectors done ASAP, don’t worry, give us a call and we will get them done and done right, right away.




What is included in Injector Repair’s injector service?    (click here)




Can injectors that have sat for years be serviced?

       Yes!!!  Injectors that have sat for years, or seem to be “stuck” closed can more often than not be restored to “like new”.  I have seen some shops describe a 95 to 97% success rate of getting the old stuck injectors functioning again.  I would say 90% would be more accurate, especially if water or rust damage is involved.  If water/rust are not involved, then the success rate will be close to 100%.




Send ‘em in, get ‘em fixed!



Does Injector Repair offer an injector exchange service or offer refurbished used injectors for sale?

       The simple answer is no!  The reason why we don’t is simple:  refurbished injectors are sold at some auto parts stores like NAPA and are sold online by a few small shops and a few large refurbishers.  They all get their cores from junkyards and on an exchange basis through a core charge.



       The problem is that you will never know what mileage is on the injectors you are receiving.  If you buy a set of 4, 6, or 8 injectors, you may get injectors that come from 4, 6, or 8 different vehicles which will have a wide range of mileage of use on them.  You might be buying one or more injectors that has 200,000 (or more) miles on it.



       The time you might save (a day or two) by buying a refurbished set from a few junked cars is probably not worth it if you can get your own injectors serviced!



       We recommend buying a refurbished injector only when you need to replace an injector that is defective and/or fails to respond to ultrasonic cleaning!! 




Does Injector Repair alter injectors to increase their flow rates?



       The internal components (coil windings, spring, and pintle) are not serviceable.  If they are defective or damaged, the injector should be replaced.



       Injectors are factory manufactured to the finest tolerances of any mechanical component on the engine.  They are manufactured to tolerances down to 1 micron.



       The flow rates of OEM injectors are designed to be within 2% between injectors, and the spray patterns and atomization are made and designed for specific applications and specific intake manifolds and specific valve designs.



       Altering injectors to  alter flow rates or changing their spray patterns is not a good idea.  The better course would be to purchase a different factory injector that will fit your application.



If I live close by, can I come by and drop them off and wait for the service to be completed?

       Unfortunately, no.  We are not currently set up to receive customers at our location and our insurance does not allow retail customers in the facility.  We provide a local pick up and return service for commercial repair shops in the tri-city/Capital District region of New York.  If you are local, give us a call and we will add you to our pick up route for that week.




Do you offer service for international customers?

       Yes we do.  Our injector cleaning and flow testing service and parts orders include free shipping for US customers with orders of $80 or more, but is not included in international shipments.  International shipping is available thru the United States Postal Service 6 to 10 day International Priority mail for $23.95. When checking out in our Paypal shopping cart, the international shipping option is offered at the end of the checkout process. This price applies to orders of up to 10 fuel injectors or up to 20 fuel injector connectors ( which can fit in the USPS small flat rate box ). For larger orders, contact us by email or phone for international shipping rates.