Injector Connector Types

Tips on Selecting the Proper Type of Fuel Injector Connector:

Female Fuel Injector Connectors / Plugs attach directly to the fuel injector.

  • Female Connectors are what exist on your wiring harness, and plug directly onto the fuel injector.
  • If you have broken a connector while servicing your fuel injectors, you will need to replace it with the correct female connector.

Male Fuel Injector Connectors / Plugs attach to the existing female connectors on your wiring harness.

    • Male connectors mimic a fuel injector.
    • Male connectors are generally used to make custom fuel injector adapters to enable you to convert to a different plug style fuel injector using your existing wiring harness.

EV1, EV6, and EV14 Fuel Injector Connector Types:

    • EV1, EV6, and EV14 are Boschs’ company designations for fuel injector body styles,  and are not related to the connector type on the fuel injector!!!!
    • There are EV1 Injectors with Jetronic or USCAR connectors.  The older EV1 fuel injectors usually have Jetronic / Minitimer connectors.
    • There are EV6 and EV14 Bosch fuel injectors with the “older style”  Jetronic / Minitimer or with the “newer style” USCAR connectors.  The newer EV6 and EV14 Bosch fuel injectors usually have USCAR type connectors, especially on U.S. manufactured autos (GM, Ford, Chrysler)  Since 2006.
    • Bosch Currently manufactures new EV6 and new EV14 fuel injectors with many different injector connector / plug types including: Jetronic / Minitimer (rectangle shaped), USCAR (rounded edged square shaped), and OEM manufacturer specific (Denso, Sumitomo, Delphi, and Honda).



Jetronic / Minitimer / EV1 vs. USCAR / EV6 comparison




       Manufacturer Specific Fuel Injector Connector Types: 

    • Many OEM brands of Auto / Truck / Marine / Motorcycle / ATV applications use their own unique injector connector design.
    • We carry a full line of high quality OEM compatible F. I. Connectors for the following; GM Delphi, Honda, Nippon Denso, Sumitomo, Nissan, and Toyota.
    • One F. I. connector that we have not sourced out yet is Hayabusa ( Suzuki ).

      Your F. I. Connector will most likely be Jetronic / Minitimer, USCAR, or one of the Manufacturer specific plugs we offer for sale. Vehicle manufacturers not specifically listed above use one of the F.I. Connectors in the prior list. A few examples;

    • Newer Mazda cars use USCAR
    • Almost all Mercedes use Jetronic / Minitimer
    • Hyundai and Kia cars use Nippon Denso

                 We have checked the online shopping carts of a few major parts suppliers ( NAPA, Autozone, Advance, Rock Auto, etc. ) , and have found that their make, year and model applications for F.I. conn.s are wildly inaccurate. They only carry Jetronic / EV1, USCAR / EV6, and mini Delphi pigtails, and have many of them listed for the wrong vehicles. 

               Therefore, you will need to visually identify your type of fuel injector connector, and compare it to the pictures in our shopping cart in order to get the proper fuel injector connector / plug for your application.



To Summarize:

    • EV1, EV6, and EV14 are Bosch Fuel Injector Body Styles
    • Jetronic / Minitimer, and USCAR are Fuel Injector Connector Types.



Should I order a Fuel Injector Connector Kit ( needs assembly ), or a preassembled connector with a 6 inch pigtail ?


            That depends. If you are mechanically inclined, then assembling a new connector from a kit would be the better way to go. Installing new metal terminals on the end of your existing wiring harness along with a new sealed connector body would give you a Factory like installed plug, and would assure you of proper electrical conductivity of your F. I. circuit.


            If you want quick and simple, then installing a pre-assembled F.I.C. with a 6 inch pigtail would be fine, and will work flawlessly when spliced in with a properly installed crimp connector onto your existing wiring harness. We recommend using a non insulated butt connector with heat shrink. We have had no problems with spliced in pigtails, and they are as reliable as a factory F.I.C. when installed properly.



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